Sponsorship Opportunities

    Become a Sponsor for the 2020-2021 program year!

    Would your company benefit from having its logo and information featured in SMPSNEO events and communications? Would you be interested in a private lunch with the high level decision makers that participate in our monthly luncheon programs? What if SMPSNEO were to build our programs around topics and individuals that would directly enhance your business prospects? If you think your company would benefit from any of the opportunities above, you should consider becoming an annual partner of SMPSNEO. 

    Become a sponsor of the SMPS Northeast Ohio Chapter and get targeted exposure and opportunities with the region's leaders in architecture, engineering and construction. Our distribution list includes over 750 representatives of local A/E/C firms. Annual sponsorships run from September 1, 2020 - July 31, 2021.

    For more information please contact [email protected]

    Sponsorship Benefits

    Become A Level 1 Annual Sponsor

    Become A Level 2 Annual Sponsor

    Become A level 3 Annual Sponsor

    New! Become A lOGO ONLY Annual Sponsor

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    Vendor Code of Conduct

    Thank you for your support of SMPS Northeast Ohio, whether sponsoring or attending an event. It is through your kind support that we can offer so many wonderful professional programs to our members and attendees!

    So that we can maximize the positive marketing impact for our valued sponsors, eliminate potential conflicts among competing vendors at the same event, and also maintain a professional, non-promotional focus to the networking portion of these meetings, we have developed the points below to guide you in SMPS Northeast Ohio chapter protocol, whether you are attending an event as a sponsor or simply as an attendee:

    • Sponsors' promotional material (i.e. sales literature, postcards, signage) distribution and/or set-up must be made by an SMPS Program Committee head , Sponsorship Committee head or by the Sponsor under the supervision of one of the aforementioned authorized SMPS Northeast Ohio board representatives. Only authorized SMPS Northeast Ohio Chapter sponsors are permitted to bring promotional materials to chapter events. Further, for any given event, only the authorized SMPS Northeast Ohio Chapter sponsor(s) sponsoring that particular event may bring and distribute promotional materials for that event. NOTE: this arrangement excludes "Annual Sponsors", who will develop custom promotional arrangements under the authorization and supervision of our Sponsorship Committee head.

    • Vendors other than those sponsoring a given event may attend SMPS events, and are not precluded from offering business cards (only) to other attendees in the normal course of conversations at the event, but may not otherwise broadly and/or randomly distribute business cards (i.e. placing business cards on seats or at tables). Promotional materials by non-sponsor vendors are strictly prohibited from SMPS Northeast Ohio chapter events.

    • Sponsorship benefits are restricted to those explicitly stated in this Sponsorship Agreement. No other benefits are explicitly or implicitly implied.

    Although SMPS reserves the right to revoke permission for vendors and sponsors to attend one or more events should the above protocol be violated, SMPS expects that there will not be any problems with protocol compliance. Thank you again for your sponsorship!