SMPS Members Receive a Backstage Tour of the Historic Masonic Cleveland Auditorium

    SMPS Tour Masonic Temple Cleveland

    On May 21st, 2019 SMPS members received a backstage pass to one of the most historic and curious buildings in Downtown Cleveland, the Masonic Cleveland Auditorium. Dating back to 1918 the massive 220,000 SQ FT building was designed by Hubbell & Benes who also designed the Cleveland Museum of Art and West Side Market.

    SMPS members were led by Cleveland Construction Project Managers through the main auditorium and backstage where besides new wiring and technology, the atmosphere appeared to be a time capsule. Cleveland Construction worked hard to preserve the buildings historic appearance while providing improvements to the building’s main theater, box office, stage, restrooms, corridors, lower lobby entrance, exterior façade, and Grand Foyer.

    The main theater is a 100,000 SQ FT and seats 1,017 individuals with standing room for an additional 500 guests. The real treat for SMPS members was exploring some of the buildings(apostrophe) 6 other auditoriums that each have their own distinct style and craftsmanship. The entire building gives the guest a powerful feeling of separation from the outside world, possibly a goal of the Scottish Rite Masons who originally developed the building for the 42,000 Free Masons that were within Cuyahoga and Lorain County at the time. The Masons value theatrical performances and within the building is a large room thats original sole purpose was to house hundreds of costumes, some of which dated back to the 1400’s.

    An affiliate of Beaty Capital Group now owns the building. While the Free Masons still hold their meetings and events within the facility, Beaty Capital is utilizing the space for weddings, corporate, theatrical and musical events under Temple Live. Temple Live has been successful in other areas of the country within additional large-scale original Masonic lodges as well such as in Wichita, Kansas and Fort Smith, Arkansas. To follow Temple Live on Facebook, visit

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