Volunteer with SMPS NEO

    Looking for ways to get more involved and gain greater value from SMPS?

    Communications and PR Committee
    The SMPS NEO Communications Committee is responsible for the promotion of all chapter events, activities and items of interest to our members.

    The SMPS NEO Education Committee is responsible for the promotion and training for the Certified Professional Services Marketer accreditation as well as assisting in furthering educational opportunities to our members.

    Finance Committee
    The SMPS NEO Finance Committee manages the bookkeeping and accounting, checking account, tracks expenses and reports to SMPS National.

    Logistics Committee
    The SMPS NEO Logistics Committee is responsible for the coordination, preparation and set-up at program and social events.

    Membership Committee
    The SMPS NEO Membership Committee is responsible for the management of existing members and the promotion of new members in the organization. The Membership Committee promotes social events that bring together members and recruits new members.

    Programs Committee
    The SMPS NEO Programs Committee is reponsible for the development and execution of our program calendar that serves to provide opportunities for networking, business development and education for our members.

    Sponsorship Committee
    The SMPS NEO Sponsorship Committee is responsible for obtaining sponsorship for the programs we provide to our members and ensuring that our sponsors are getting value for their dollars spent.

    Special Events/Social Committee
    The SMPS NEO Special Events / Social Committee is responsible for planning networking and social/recreational events for our members.

    For more information on our committees and how you can get involved, please contact Rachel Rauscher

    "Volunteering has afforded me THE OPPORTUNITY to develop great relationships with the other board and committee members, and truly interact with all our members. Volunteering has also opened new avenues for my firm within the region. The possiblities within this organization are endless."
    - Vanessa Aron, past Membership Chair